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Order ONLINE between now and MARCH 23, 2018! Please help Kopy Kat Sanctuary raise money for our cats buy buying lots of yummy Sarris Candies.

1. Go to this link https://www.sarriscandiesfundraising.com/
2. Scroll down and on the left side there will be an image that says: “Online Ordering” and click the drop down box to choose products.
3. Enter Kopy Kat Sanctuary Group ID# 10-1264
4. Begin your online shopping.

You will pay Sarris directly and they will ship directly to you.

***IF YOU ARE LOCAL and know a KKS volunteer you can place an order directly with them Orders must be placed by THURSDAY MARCH 1, 2018 and will then be delivered to East Pittsburgh (15112) and ready for pick up the afternoon MARCH 26, 2018.