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A Night at the Races returns on Saturday April 6, 2024! Race & Horse Sponsors Needed! Click the Donate Button to Purchase Tickets, Horses or Races. See flyer for more information. Any questions please email us at kopykatsanctuary@yahoo.com


Purrfect Fence has protected nearly 40,000 cats for individuals, vet clinics, rescues, and shelters across the globe (on every continent except Antarctica!)  Purrfect Fence offers patented fencing systems, catios, and enclosures to ensure your cat(s) are safe and happy outdoors! When you use the promo code KOPYKAT, you will receive a 5% discount and Purrfect Fence will donate a portion of the order value back to Kopy Kat.


FOR SALE: Insulated Cat Shelters

A local cat rescuer is making & selling shelters for $35. Depending on the cat size one to two cats can fit comfortably. A sturdy plastic 35 Gallon Latch Totes (only blue is available) and punch out two 6” round, kitty-sized doors (one on the end and one on the side). Both holes are covered with clear vinyl door flaps to help keep the elements out and the warmth in. The vinyl flaps are attached with Velcro and are removable/adjustable. The interior bottom and back side are lined with insulation board and a 1 3/4″ thick insulated cooler is inserted with two matching door openings. The inside of the cooler is stuffed with straw to keep the kitties warm and comfy.

TO PURCHASE: Please Email cowgirl1111@aol.com and add the phrase “cat shelter” in the subject field and let them know how many you want to buy. They are all volunteer, but someone will do their best to get back to you in 24-48 hours to confirm that have them in stock. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOR A RESPONSE.

1. Once the shelter is placed where your kitties can safely access it, arrange the straw into a snuggly nest. Make sure the doors are not blocked so that they can enter/escape easily from both of the doors. You can sprinkle some diatomaceous earth (food grade) inside on the straw to help combat fleas. Put both the Styrofoam and plastic lids on and make sure cooler is closed tightly.
2. It is wise to protect from the elements as best as possible (under a porch, in a shed, on a deck, covered with plywood & tarp, etc.)
3. Place either 1 cinder block, 5 bricks or something else heavy on top of the shelter. That way they will not blow away if the weather gets fierce. They can also tip over if they are not weighted well. (Please, please make sure they are weighted and secure, so your kitties are safe!)
4. You can place a tiny bit of catnip inside (just a pinch) and or rub on the white cooler door areas to increase their interest in making the shelter their own.
5. Do NOT put blankets, towels or fabric inside the shelter EVER as they can collect moisture and become deadly cold when damp.
6. After a couple of weeks or a month check to see if you will need to add more straw (NOT HAY). Every season add more straw or replace and start fresh.
7. Make sure it is kept dry inside. Away from the rain and snow.
8. Sleep better knowing you are helping to keep less fortunate outdoor kitties warm! ❤️🐈❤️

Check out Spay USA and find a vet wherever you live.
800-248-SPAY (7729)

Do you have a DIABETIC cat or dog?
Young Again Pet Food®

The excess carbs and plant products found in may cat foods may be a primary cause that leads to diabetes, obesity ans UTI in cats. Young Again Pet Food (YAPF) was recommended by our vet after one of our cats was diagnosed with diabetes. We have nothing but positive things to say about the kind people at YAPF and their awesome products. After switching to this food our kitty went into remission and we encourage you to check out their website and place an order.

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We need to be frugal shoppers here at Kopy Kat Sanctuary to care for all of our cats. We would LOVE any coupons for Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Litter and for Purina Complete, Purina One, Purina Gentle, and Purina Kitten Chow. Go to www.clumpandseal.com and you can print $2 coupons for litter. Please amil them to us:

Kopy Kat Sanctuary
P.O. Box 241
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Kopy Kat Sanctuary Mission Statement: To provide shelter, food, water, love and veterinary care for cats and kittens at our Sanctuary for the remainder of their lives or until they are adopted into loving homes.  To educate the public (and assist where possible within the Sanctuary’s time constraints and financial resources) of the importance of spay/neuter to reduce unwanted cat populations and to assist in establishing feral colonies at locations where unadoptable cats already exist.